Helmet Free

A couple weeks ago we said goodbye to the DOC band. Sebastien outgrew it, and the change in his head shape has been remarkable. He wore it for only two months!

A natural head shape is a reverse tear drop (smaller in front, larger in back). Sebastien’s headshape was the opposite and also sloped on the right side. His head shape is not perfect now, really who’s is, but we’re not doing a second band. If a patient opts to do a second treatment, that’s another full fee! Um, no thank you.

Below are some pictures that show a comparison. For the photos that show the 3d model, some are blurry because I was trying to take pictures so quickly. It’s hard to see some of the changes in a flat picture, but look at the light patterns. In the new pictures, the light is much more diffuse in the focused spots.


2 thoughts on “Helmet Free

  1. Imelda says:

    I agree,remarkable the difference it made. Glad to see it worked out well. Amazing the things they can do today. He looks like he grew from the last time we saw him. He is going to be a big boy.

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