One year ago

Just over a year ago, my life changed. My ob at the time only scheduled an ultrasound for week 20. But as a first time mom, I was dying to know more about the baby. I requested an NT scan simply for the ultrasound. This scan must occur by week 13 of pregnancy and measures the amount of fluid in the nuchal fold.

While lying on the table seeing my baby for the first time, my emotions were through the roof, pure excitement. But wait, that looks funny. Am I seeing a reflection?


Ms. Stambaugh, here’s Baby A. And here’s Baby B. And here’s the very thin membrane separating them. What? Excuse me?

Yes, identical twins. My heart dropped. My heart flew. Twins! Twins! OMG, twins. Tears just started streaming down my face. Twins!

At that appointment I learned the term mono-di (Monochorionic-Diamniotic) twins. My twins were identical twins, each in his own sac but sharing a placenta. At this time, week 13, Baby B was measuring a week behind. I realized from the doctor’s tone that this was concerning to be seen so early, but I remember barely processing it at the time. Hello, TWINS! I do remember him referring to a syndrome, remember him describing a potential complication. I also remember him telling me that Baby A’s umbilical cord was implanted into the placenta in the center, while Baby B’s was on the edge of the placenta. I barely paid attention.

I remember leaving the appointment shaking, excited, elated. I couldn’t contain the happiness, and we immediately started telling friends the news. How could we hold it in any longer?

Later that evening, into the next day, I started to remember what the doctor told me, his concern. I turned to Dr. Google. That’s where I learned the term Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS) and learned about intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR). At this point I didn’t know what I was dealing with of course, but I was scared. My doctor returned my frantic phone call, and her advice was to relax, that I needed to not worry about things.

I tried to take her advice, but it was hard. I was scared.


3 thoughts on “One year ago

  1. I remember you calling me at work to tell me you had twins. I jumped and shouted to the LORD. Then I ran around and told all my friends at work. They were all as excited as me.

  2. Sheryl says:


    I’m so happy that your son is doing well.

    I found your blog while searching for a good NICU in the nova area for my twins. At my first ultrasound when I found out I was carrying twins, I remember how nervous and happy I was. I was literally shaking like a leaf. Although the doc did mention thin membrane, she brushed off my concerns and so did my OB (after a tearful call to her office). Unfortunately my twins developed TTTS, unsuccessful laser surgery, loss of one of my babies, prematurity of the other (30 weeker) and pending heart issues. Even now when I think about my OB brushing off my concerns I feel angry. They completely missed all the warning signs.


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