Names in the Sand

There are many, many ways to remember a lost child. One site I found recently belongs to a woman in Australia who had a stillborn child. One day she went to the beach and wrote her child’s name in the sand, and since then she’s written over 10K names in the sand.

I submitted a request for Sam, forgot about it, and remembered again this morning when another preemie mom who had lost a son posted her photo. Here’s Sam’s page:

I took a screenshot, but when I get the high res photo, it’ll be printed, framed, and hung in my upcoming gallery wall photo at our home.


4 thoughts on “Names in the Sand

  1. I just got a card from you – thanking me for my support of Sam. I sent a letter to him (from my actual identity) … I just wanted to say – it touched my heart. It brought me to tears. We miss your little hero.

  2. This picture is beautiful. I haven’t been on here in awhile, but I still pop in to see how Sebastian is doing and your family too. Sebastian looks great – and he’s working the band really well! Your latest post about finding out about the twins touched me – it must be bittersweet to remember those times. Keep on keeping on…

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