A boy and his head

So I previously mentioned that Sebastien would be wearing his helmet for a while. Specifically, he has the DOC Band. The DOC band has space built into it where head growth is encouraged, and so that growth is restricted in prominent areas. Sebastien’s head has flattening on his right side (probably from in utero position — he was transverse — and from his time in the NICU). From the front, you’d never be able to see the flattening, but from the top and side, you can see it. They typical head shape is a teardrop shape, more wide at the back. But Sebastien has a reverse teardrop, when the front of his head is more wide and prominent and narrows towards the back.

The pictures below are the initial pictures Sebastien had when we went in for the initial consult. It’s still kind of hard to see some of the shaping, but it’s there in three dimension.

Sebastien’s worn the helmet for about 2.5 weeks now and we can already see that his head is already rounding out a bit. When we were in for his fit appointment this week, they brought in Sebastien head! I didn’t realize when they were making the 3-d model of his head that they were literally making a 3-d model. This head will be brought in at every fit appointment so that we can compare his original head shape and his current. Of course I had to take pictures! When I took it home, I took some more to try to better illustrate the original shape…but it’s still hard to fully capture.

And then today Sebastien helmet decorations arrived! I used Bling Your Band for the vinyl stickers. I wanted a Superman theme as an homage to Sam Superman. I love the way it came out!


6 thoughts on “A boy and his head

  1. Imelda says:

    I t is really neat what they can print out now a days. We just got a 3d printer at work that can print out a design out of plastics that has motion in three dimensions. Gears spin and joint rotate. I love hour you bedazzled his helmet. It is quite a compliment to his personality.

  2. Anonymous says:

    He is so cute and I’m sure that his head will round out a bit though when he grows some more hair you may not even notice anything 🙂 He’s so sweet looking and adorable!!!

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