An update on Sebastien

Sebastien’s doing great!

Sebastien’s follow-up cardiology appointment happened recently. His PDA is still there and still quite large. I’d really hoped it would have closed by now, but nope. The PDA is restrictive, which is good, because it means that not too much blood is going where it’s not supposed to go. For now, he will just continue to be monitored, so we go back in December. Whether or not the open PDA will become an issue remains to be seen. Sebastien shows no signs that it’s causing any problems. And evidently some people go through a good portion of their life and never know they have an open PDA. If for some reason the doctors do decide to close it, the procedure will occur in a cath lab. They’ll insert a catheter into his femoral artery and feed it up to his heart; then insert a clamp. I don’t want this to happen of course; the idea of any heart procedure scares me because I still think about Sam’s heart issues. Sebastien doesn’t have any of those same heart challenges, but I’m scared nonetheless.

We also recently went to the NICU follow-up clinic. Sebastien is measuring ahead of his adjusted age of 5 months. Whoo hoo! The appointment consisted of him sitting on my lap and doing some play with the therapist: having him reach for objects, moving objects from hand to hand, following sounds, etc. The doctor encouraged us to continue doing more tummy time, showed us some neck stretches, and encouraged us to have Sebastien mostly sit upright. He can sit upright unassisted for a few minutes at a time. But he prefers to stand! She said that standing develops his leg muscles at the expense of his core muscles and that we needed to build those first. That was interesting to me. So I’m not allowing him to stand as much these days, much to his displeasure.

The boy still loves eating! He’s now eating stage 2 foods. In addition, I try to give him some of whatever we’re eating, simply to introduce him to foods hoping that he’ll grow up wanting to try things, to have been exposed to many foods. For example, he’s had chicken and dumplings, balsamic chicken, pesto, black bean sauce, etc.

His dexterity in the last two weeks also seems to have exponentially increased. His new nanny (who’s awesome) has been really focusing on working with him. We hadn’t been to our cabin in almost two weeks, so when we got here this week and he got to play with some of his toys that are here, he fit better, if that makes sense. He’s better able to hold himself upright, better able to interact with the toys. It’s so fun to watch him discover something new that he previously couldn’t reach.


One thought on “An update on Sebastien

  1. Imelda says:

    Wow! Great to hear he is as good an eater as his cousins. Johnny went from rolling to walking. He always loved to stand more than sit too. I love hearing about Sebastien. Thanks for the update.

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