Samuel’s Memorial Service

Samuel Bradford’s memorial service will be August 27, 2011 at 1 PM.

For Samuel’s ceremony we will plant a tree, with his ashes, surrounded by a garden. His tree will be planted at our home, the home we built, the home where we married, the home where we will raise his brother Sebastien. After the ceremony we will have a gathering at the house to socialize over drinks and snacks, a positive ending to a somber occasion.

As the tree lives, grows, and thrives it will represent Sam’s still present spirit in this world.

For Sam, we’re planting a Yoshino cherry tree. The symbolism fits his short life:

The cherry blossom holds much symbolism within Japan. According to the Buddhist tradition, the breathtaking but brief beauty of the blossoms symbolizes the transient nature of life (with a short blooming time and fragile flower). The flowers last for at most a few weeks, but during that time, both the mountains and the cities are full of the delicate pink flowers, be the trees wild or cultivated. The fallen blossoms are also tied with the samurai culture, representing the fleeting nature of the samurai’s life, a warrior killed early in life.

Samuel was a warrior taken too soon. Sam’s life meant something special to us, to the people who had the opportunity to know him and to the people who only ever saw his pictures or read about him. His body may be gone, but his spirit still lives.

As time goes on the tree will provide an environment of symbolic beauty and shade while the garden will provide a place to sit and reflect.

We previously mentioned creating a Paypal account, a way for people to donate to Sam’s service. Any funds collected will be used for his tree, his granite marker; any extra funds will be donated to the March of Dimes in his memory.

Any flowers for the service should be delivered by August 26. For address and directions, please contact us directly. Thank you.


3 thoughts on “Samuel’s Memorial Service

  1. Sandi, what a beautiful idea for the memorial service and the cherry tree and garden. When David and I went to Japan for our honeymoon, we missed the blooming of the cherry blossoms by a month or so and were very disappointed. It’s supposed to be amazing… anyway, reading about the choice of tree gave me chills. What a beautiful and appropriate gesture. I wish we could go to the service.

  2. Rebecca from FF says:

    Thinking of you all, praying for you and for healing. Samuel’s tree sounds so beautiful – what a wonderful way to celebrate a beautiful soul.

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