I’ll have a massage with a side of tears

Totally didn’t expect that.

I had a deep tissue massage late yesterday. It was great, started to relax, my mind started to wander. To Sam. To how I used to massage his body, to try to make him feel good, to make me feel good about helping him.

I miss you Sam.


4 thoughts on “I’ll have a massage with a side of tears

  1. it’s surprising what makes us cry or think of our angels. I burst into tears when my husband gave me a foot massage because it reminded me I used to massage my boy’s feet towards the end, because for some reason it temporarily brought his sats up. Hope you are doing as well as can be, in such circumstances. Little Sam is with you always xx

  2. I’m glad to hear you got a massage. But even without the corrolation to what you did for Sam, I wouldn’t have been surprised it made you feel this way. Even after the long trip, there was still tension deep within your muscles; your body was holding your pain. It’s good you got it out. Take care–and hopefully one day a massage will make you smile, instead of cry, as time brings you peace.

  3. Michelle says:

    A sensory experience like a message definitely sets the stage for an emotional catharsis. I’m so glad you got to bond with Sam through those massages. These are memories you can hold in your hands and your heart. Be kind to yourself. ❤

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