Water baby



I feel good

Sebastien slept from 9pm to 7am. I haven’t gotten 7 hours of sleep in over 6 months!!!!

Lots to update on re: our trip; hope to get that updated in the next couple of days.

For now, just let this picture of the happy baby hold you over.

Honey, who shrunk the baby?

On this trip, Sebastien has grown like crazy. Both physically and developmentally. And I’m not being just an over-exaggerating momma. Before the trip, he was 11.5 pounds. Now, at minimum, he’s 13 pounds (courtesy of a scale at Publix). He’s gotten so much more head control, everything really.

His legs never stop moving, always kicking, “running marathons,” standing up against our legs. He loves to be held in a standing position. Since he started doing that, we decided, hey, he needs a jumper, he’d love it.

We bought the Baby Einstein version and put it on the lowest vertical setting. Ha! Our previously huge baby now looks teeny!

Ah, nothing that a simple box can’t fix.

It looks uncomfortable the way he’s reclining, but that boy loves this contraption. He stayed in it for over an hour this morning. He’s back in it again, just giggling, bouncing, babbling.

Meanwhile, when Sebastien’s not bouncing, he’s styling.