Update on the boys


Sam’s morphine is down to 4. Yay, progress! The CPAP trial didn’t work so well. He last less than an hour on it today. But he’s had a few bad gases recently (not sure why); the doctor still wanted to give him a chance. He’s back on the vent with a larger tube–so we’ll try again later. The doctor is hoping to restart feeds tomorrow, or Friday at the latest. Whoo hoo! Doc is more worried about his liver than his lungs, which he thinks are fine.


Sebastien had his assessment this morning from the Early Intervention program. He’s measuring right on track for an 8-week old baby, his adjusted age. So far there aren’t any signs of delays, but we’ll be keeping an eye on things. Our homework is to keep working on tummy time, try to get him tracking with his eyes more, grasping and holding objects. The stronger his neck gets, the more his head should round out and get rid of his torticollis and flat head.

On to pictures of Sebastien: walking with the dogs, crying in front of the grill (who is this kid?!) and sleeping so fricking cutely.

From Jun 22, 2011

4 thoughts on “Update on the boys

  1. Yes, I would put these children in the “Phenomenally Cute” category! Glad both babies are making progress. So nice to see Sebastien out in the big world! Hope Sam joins him soon! xx

  2. I love the Superman Sam shirt. That is a perfect statement concerning him . I can’t wait till he can wear that shirt.

    Sebastien looks like he is getting bigger. He looks so precious in these pictures.

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