Vent update

So Sam might be back on the vent today, but he looks GREAT. Really, he does. The best we’ve seen him look in a long time.

He did clearly need the break. He looks rested. He was bright eyed and awake for me today, which was so good to see since it’s been so long.

For now, the doctors aren’t making any changes at all: not going to wean the morphine (he’s in a happy place right now), not going to rush the vent. So far his blood gases have been good though so maybe they’ll focus on just weaning the pressure. If we can get the pressure low enough, then moving him back to CPAP won’t be so difficult. Also, considering how much weight he’s lost in the last couple of days, hopefully by then his belly will be nice and flat again so he won’t need the high pressure any longer.

My favorite cardiologist came by to visit as well. She talked to the interventionalist and he wonders if we should even rush him into the cath lab and into heart surgery….he’s speculating that maybe Sam can live with his pulmonary hypertension and PVS, that he may not need help. Maybe?! Of course, he’ll eventually need his VSD closed, so when they go in to do that, if something else should be done, it could all be done at once. Regardless, I like the way this doctor thinks! This same doctor is having Sebastien wait another 8 months to watch his PDA; it’s still large at his  cardiology appointment last week. If in 8 months it’s still there, then they’ll consider closing it.


11 thoughts on “Vent update

  1. Maureen says:

    so glad you’ve found a cardio you like. making decisions when you don’t have full confidence and trust in your medical team is awful. can she be his primary cardio?

  2. Rebecca from FF says:

    That’s wonderful that Sam is feeling more comfortable and looking better!! Praying he continues to heal and can get back on CPAP soon!

  3. Cheryl says:

    I’m glad to read Sam is doing better today…I will continue to keep him in my prayers that he continues to heal and watch over the rest of your family. God Bless!

    • Michelle says:

      I’m glad you got to see those sweet eyes open and bright today! Sam is such a strong boy. And I loved seeing the pics of Sebastien!!

  4. Darja MC says:

    So very glad to hear Sam’s surgery went well and that he’s doing better! And Sebastien is just beautiful. You all continue to be in my thoughts.

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