Back on the vent

And we’re back on the vent as of this morning.

Sam was just tired his doctor thinks; he has no reserve. Since yesterday evening, he’s been at 80-100% oxygen and still only satting in the 80s. Not a good sign.

Good news though is that he’s lost a solid pound from his peak weight. The skin on his belly now has a dull wrinkly look — down from the taut shiny look. The fluid is slowly but surely leaving his body.

Bad news is that every time they try to wean the pain meds, he doesn’t tolerate anything. So his morphine is back up to 6 (the highest it’s been is 8, the lowest was 3).  He also still gets periodic doses of ativan to help take the edge off.

Hoping he can just rest the next few days and rebuild some strenght.


5 thoughts on “Back on the vent

  1. I’m sorry sweet. I do hope this gives him some time to rest and heal and then try again.
    This has been one helluva long hard road, but you have all been so amazing and strong.

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