The debate

Do we keep increasing Sam’s pain medication to keep him sedated or so we try something else?

The docs have been fiddling with Sam’s pain meds: increasing, decreasing, completely changing. Last night they put him on a morphine drip because he was always so agitated, not really responding to the other meds or needing unceasing amounts.

The doctor on duty today debated this and decided to aggressively wean him off the vent, to see if getting him off would make him more comfortable so that they could return to weaning the pain meds. His blood gases have been great, so might as well try.

At 5:30 this evening, Sam was back on cpap. His PEEP is at the highest setting though, which means a ton of air is getting blown into his already enlarged belly. The first blood gas about an hour after extubation was good: if he can continue this way, they’ll try to aggressively wean the pressure.

He was still fairly agitated though. We’re hoping he’ll settle down and be able to relax. At his age, babies don’t do well on the vent; it’s upsetting and uncomfortable. If he can do really well, I hope we could get him back on the cannula soon and really make him comfortable. But baby steps first. Let’s just remain on cpap and do well.


6 thoughts on “The debate

  1. Mom says:

    I keep praying for Samuel. May GOD touch him and heal everything on his body. I also ask in prayers for mercy and grace on you and Scott.

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