Hopefully over the hump

Sam’s post-op recovery period has been rough on him. After he looked soooo good post-surgery, he’s now ballooned up again. His girth is actually bigger than it was before surgery…only now it’s sort of expanded all over,  not just straight out. Poor baby is so swollen, his nose looks teeny tiny since that didn’t swell up.

As soon as one thing starts to get better, something else looks out of line.

The good news is that he’s lost a tiny bit of weight today, his CRP is down, his platelets are up, his crit is up. But the bad news is that his WBC count is up, his bili has jumped way up, etc. So it looks like he’s fighting an infection. Other good news is that he’s back on auto mode on the vent, but bad news is that he still just rides it quite a bit. Good news is that they’re trying to wean his pain meds, but bad news is that he needs extra doses of pain meds b/c he gets so agitated and uncomfortable, starts to fight and pull on his tube, his lines, etc.

So we’re still just trying to make small adjustments, trying to keep everything in balance. If we think about his recovery as being a mountain, we’re hopeful he’s at the peak, about to go over to start the descent back to his baseline status.


6 thoughts on “Hopefully over the hump

  1. Mom says:

    Finally, we get some news on Samuel. Everyone at church was asking about him and I told them you had not answered my e-mail. I will pass this information to them and e are keeping Samuel on the top of our prayer list.

  2. Imelda says:

    It is awesome that Sammy is still scappin. Love his wonderfully, inspiring spirit. Were praying for. Sam, psalm 139:13-18 and especially that you and Scott maintain your strength and peace through all this.

  3. Michelle says:

    I love your outlook. I think recovering from surgery is very much like climbing a mountain. I wish for Sam a speedy and healthy descent to baseline!

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