Just when we start to relax

We realize we can’t.

Sam’s belly has gotten larger; his oxygen requirements have greatly increased. The docs have increased his CPAP PEEP up to 7 now (from 5). Because it’s so high now, they’ve had to insert a replogle to help vent his abdomen. His feeds are being held.

They don’t think he has an infection though: his CRP, though slightly elevated, is still within his normal range. His platelets are actually up, his crit is good, his bands are good.

His xrays don’t show any changes really so they’re not sure what’s going on.

Thinking he’ll have to have another upper GI soon; may need to start exploring the idea of abdominal surgery again to figure out the feeding issues.


2 thoughts on “Just when we start to relax

  1. Leslie says:

    Oh goodness…the rollercoaster twists and turns again. So frustrating! I’ll be thinking of you guys and hoping this passes soon!

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