Eye Surgery

Sam’s eye surgery went fine, he handled it well. He was able to stay on the high humidity cannula throughout it.

The good news is that he did great on the cannula; the bad news is that his primary doctor is back today and put him back on CPAP. Part of me is bummed because he deserves to be comfortable, and we know he can handle it; Part of me knows it was expected because he did have to work hard at it, and his doctor wants him to conserve ALL his energy to focus on growing. So even though it could be considered a step back, I don’t think of it that way: he proved himself on the trial run (no one expected him to have good blood gases on it). Now he can focus on growing; he’ll prove himself again later.

See, I’m good!

Sam’s pressure has been reduced throughout the day. He got a new feeding tube as well…then it hit me…wait, his feeding tube is in his nose. I didn’t realize they could do that with CPAP! His nurse gave me a sideways look, said that they normally don’t. It’s fine for the prongs, but with the mask, he doesn’t get a good seal….which he never really has anyway on the mask. She then whispered that she didn’t think he’d remain on CPAP for very long, so they wanted to try the tube in his nose rather than putting it in his mouth. Ah, I love it when nurses do and say things like that. Makes momma happy.


6 thoughts on “Eye Surgery

  1. tpowers@bellsouth.net says:

    Glad to see you and your boys are doing well. I remember the first few weeks at home with Sophie were exhausting. It does level out, although you do have double trouble on your hands there not to mention all of their preemie hurtles. The boys are amazing and proving more and more so every day. Can’t wait to meet them one day.

  2. Arunima says:

    YAY – so glad to read about Sam and Sebastian’s progress. It has got to be difficult on you, and kudos to you for keeping your spirit up. I have to say thank you -reading your blog has been heartening….and we will all tell Sam how inspirational he has been. I am pregnant with an IUGR twin, and have truly become hopeful and inspired by you and Sam. Good luck! Will keep you, sam, sebastian in my thoughts! Arunima

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