Involves going to 3 CVSs trying to find baby glycerin suppositories to find relied for your poor constipated baby. And the cheering 2 minutes later at the first poof of explosion.


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  1. Rebecca from FF says:

    So glad he got some relief! Two of my three are chronically backed up – it’s rough! If you don’t have to use a specific formula for Sebastien and could try different kinds, we found the some formulas were less…plugging than others. Maybe another one would be easier on his belly??? (((hugs)))

    • I’ve been using what the hospital sent him home with. But they only used it for a week once they switched him from HMF breastmilk to regular. They wanted him to get 2 feedings of it (enfamil premature 22cal). Of course at the hospital, he got glycerin chips to help.

      He looks so much more content now!

      • Rebecca from FF says:

        Enfamil definitely caused some of those problems with my kids. Similac was a little easier for ours – don’t know if they have a premmie HC formula, though… Hope you find something that works! Can you get the glycerin chips to use at home?

      • I’m going to talk to the pedi at Monday’s appt and see what he recommends. Sam’s doc mentioned that it could also be his vitamins, which are high in iron. His nurse said the glycerin chips they use are normal pediatric ones, just sliced into 4 ‘chips’.

  2. Imelda says:

    Ooh explosive poop! John was the best at it. He managed to clear the bassinette and get my shirt. Of course that was during a diaper change. Not sure if Seb is cleared for baths yet but when we sat them in warm(not hot of course) water it would help. If not bath maybe a warm wash cloth on the abdomen. We also did tummy time while they were awake to help them move those abdomen muscles and cause bowel movements. Just throwing out some stuff that worked for us.

    • hahhahaha. We haven’t had those explosions yet. We tried everything! Prune juice, the q-tip trick, bicycling his legs, abdominal massage, nothing was working. We immediately stuck him in a bath after his explosion. We’ll do more tummy time and see if that helps in the future.

  3. Haha! When Alice has that problem (which happens every time her food changes, like e.g. when my milk went from colostrum to BM, and when we first started adding solids), they tell us to give her 1 tsp prune juice per 1 oz of bottle. No high fructose corn syrup, just 100% prune juice. Dunno if it’s recommended for babies so young, but the problem with suppositories is that babies can become dependent they told us. So if it becomes a regular thing you might want to ask your doctor about that. It works like a charm but it’s gentler–takes an hour to take effect and it’s not as explosive.

  4. I tried the prune juice, but no luck. Now hopefully we can be in maintenance mode and can do preventive measures. Did you mix the juice in with milk, or use water? As far as his dependency, I don’t doubt it. The hospital uses them all the time if they don’t poop on a regular schedule — they use the poop to problem solve a ton of issues.

  5. I mixed the juice in with milk. Hopefully if you give him a couple bottles a day with prune juice at 1 tsp per oz you will not have problems and need the stronger stuff. I bet it’s the formula that’s doing it. Maybe when you get him off it, the problem will fix itself. Oh and by the way, about the long time it takes babies his age to breastfeed—it speeds up gradually–and by around six months, they are skilled enough to be full in 10 minutes from breastfeeding. At least Alice is. I remember when it felt like I was doing nothing but breastfeeding for the first six weeks though!

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