The Homecoming

in pictures…

Hey Sebastien, we’re going home!

Mama will get to do this all the time now.


Oh goody goody!

Wait, what is this?! I’m not sure I like this!

This is better.

Much better! Yay, home!


8 thoughts on “The Homecoming

  1. Rebecca from FF says:

    Beautiful. The picture of surprise in the car is priceless but the last one – with mama snuggled up with baby is just…well, THAT’S what it’s all about, what it’s always been about. Praying so very hard for the day that Sam gets to come home and your family is together again. ❤

  2. kaytee shelburn says:

    aw that is just marvelous! I am so happy you have one baby home. I pray for the day you get to bring BOTH home!

  3. These are wonderful. Sebastien is such a card. So expressive! And I, too, love the last two pictures and am hoping and sending good thoughts for the day when Sam gets to enjoy this too!

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