So close…

Heading to get Sebastien!!! Stopping for lunch first at our favorite place, Sweetwater Tavern. So excited, so nervous.

Sam is also doing better than he ever has. I’ve said that in the last few posts, and it’s still true. PEEP down to 5, might try cannula soon, CRP down, feeds increasing, skin color looks so much better. It’s like he’s picked up energy and he’s on full steam ahead. The turnaround happened once the chatter about Sebastien going home started. I don’t are what it was that sparked the change; I just want my little boy healthy and home.


3 thoughts on “So close…

  1. Imelda says:

    So great to hear about both precious, miracle boys. Both are still in our prayers everyday. We are too excited for you guys. Happy first Mother’s day for you.

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