Due Date

Today is my due date. Today I should be meeting my babies for the first time; instead, I’ve known them for 13 weeks (funny, I found out we were having twins when I was 13 weeks pregnant; that seems like a lifetime ago now). I wish I was just now meeting them; instead, I’m already learning their personalities, learning their smiles, learning their screams.

They’ve come so far in 13 weeks.

Sebastien was born at 2lb 1oz.

Then he started to fill out.

Today he’s a hefty 6lb 11oz.

Right now we’re waiting on him to be able to take all of his feeds by bottle, the final criteria for him to come home. Most people unfamiliar with the NICU assume babies can come home when they reach a certain size. I too thought that before this experience. Sebastien’s taking almost everything, but he will get tired out and not be able to finish, so the rest goes through his feeding tube. If we were a full-term baby, this wouldn’t even be an issue. If he were home, we could let him sleep until he woke up hungry. The NICU has him on a strict 3 hour schedule. No matter what, every three hours it’s time to wake up and eat.

Samuel was born at an incredibly tiny 12oz. 3/4 of a pound!

Before his birth he wasn’t given much of a chance; at his birth we were told we should say goodbye to him, that he wasn’t responding, that he wouldn’t live, that they couldn’t get his heart to stabilize. We weren’t ready to say bye (they brought him to us all bundled up, we kissed him, talked to him; he moved, he had a heartbeat), he wasn’t ready to leave either. We asked the doctor to try again with him, she did. The little stinker said ‘nope, I’m SCRAPPY, you give me a chance!’ And he took that chance. He’s been with us ever since, fighting all along the way, surpassing all expectations. Don’t get me wrong, he hasn’t had an easy go of it,  he’s had more obstacles than any baby should EVER have to overcome.

He grew.

And grew

And he’s growing still.

Today Samuel’s a solid 3lb 9oz. His growth has been, in short, amazing. He still has some obstacles to overcome before he can come home. He’ll get there; it’ll just take a him a bit longer. Right now he’s doing better than he’s ever done. It’s amazing really, baffling, but the boy has a strong will and he’s going to go far.


15 thoughts on “Due Date

  1. bob riley says:

    Congrats – looks like our boys are closer than I even realized – this is my wife’s due date too for our twin boys as well – our boys are the identical gestation age! Glad to see Sam is stabilizing and Sebastian is progressing as well. Our boys are progressing in the NICU as well, some ups some downs but overall moving forward. Best of luck and I look forward to more updates.

  2. Rebecca from FF says:

    Happy due date!! Your boys are beautiful, wonderful, inspring miracles! Praying for the day when you post they are coming home. 🙂

  3. jamie says:

    That just made me want to cry!! I am so so excited for your family. You have some adorable little men there and such fighters. I didn’t realize he was only 12 oz. Wow!

  4. Kerry B. says:

    Congratulations on your due date. I’m so thankful that you’ve shared so much of your journey with us via this blog–I always hold my breath when I see a new post. It makes my day when your news is good, and I cry with you when it isn’t. I’m so glad Sebastian and Samuel are improving and growing. They’re absolutely gorgeous!

  5. Denise says:

    Happy due date and congratulations on 13 weeks and your first Mother’s Day in almost another week. I am so happy your boys are doing so well. Can’t wait to meet them and see you and Scott. Love lots and always, Denise

  6. tpowers@bellsouth.net says:

    So happy you all have achieved this moment with such courage and grace. Your boys are a lot like you, already I can tell this. Happy (adjusted) Birthday!

  7. Mom says:

    Awesome story and pictures of my grandsons. They are so cute and I can’t wait to see them again. I love them so much.

  8. Maureen mentioned this post last night, but I kept forgetting to look. Looked just now. What a wonderful recap. Brought tears to my eyes it did. Congratulations! (I’m eager to know how the feeds are gong for him…)

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