Weekly Meeting

Not much to say actually. Sam is still doing well, back on CPAP. So far his blood numbers are better than they’ve ever been.

His abdominal u/s results were weird. The radiologist wrote in the report that there is “debris with a sludge-like consistency” in his intestines. Our neo wasn’t really sure what that meant. Could be the hematoma breaking down, could be something else. Sam is scheduled for surgery on Tuesday, May 3. It’s easier to cancel surgery than to schedule. He’ll possibly get another upper GI before then and also get another abdominal u/s to check for any changes. Otherwise we’re going in and see if there’s something to fix, to make it easier to get him feeds.

I held him for an hour late this afternoon; he was more alert and awake than I’ve seen him in a long time, so I just talked to him, told him about our family, our dogs, etc. I have a couple of pictures I’ll post later tomorrow. They’re all on my cell phone and I need to get it charged and connected to the computer.


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