Update on the event

Talked to the doctor on duty today. Sam had a full cardiac arrest last night. They started bagging, still wasn’t coming up. At 3:18AM, full flat line on his heart rate monitor, epi was ordered. Chest compressions began. At 3:20AM he had a heart beat. Because it was low, he was still given the epi. His heart rate has been stable since.

Doctor said that there’s no way to know what, if any, brain damage happened because of cardiac arrest. Some babies have no issues, some do. She said that babies who need suctioning down by the vocal chords, where he needed it, while on CPAP, well, they just take them off CPAP and put them on the vent.

So because my little baby needed fricking mucus sucked out of his throat, his heart stopped beating.


Update, Sunday evening.

Over the weekend, Sam stopped peeing. His docs consulted with several nephrologists and put him on a cocktail of meds. Today he’s peed 2/3 of the weight that he’s gained in the last two days. Seriously —  he’s up 300g from his Friday weight. Today he peed at least 200g.

I just got back from seeing him; he opened his eyes briefly, seemed to acknowledge me (started breathing over the ventilator rather than riding it and letting it do the work). He also started tugging on the tube again — it was going in and out of his mouth. I gently unwound his hand and told the nurse that she might want to tuck him in better. I’d love for him to be off the vent, but we can’t have him self-extubate again, at least not right now.

This week will be interesting; our weekly meeting with his doc is on Tuesday.


8 thoughts on “Update on the event

  1. So, so scary. It sucks that he’s back on the vent, but I’m glad he’s been doing better since the crash. I hope he turns a corner soon…he’s been through too much, as have you all. I can’t imagine how hard it is to see Sebastian do well and have Sam struggle so much. Hang in there!

  2. Mom says:

    Hold on Sam you precious tiny baby. I’ve got a bunch of people praying for you. LORD GOD almighty, please touch little Sam and heal him.

  3. 😦 Poor Sam, and poor you…I hope things turn around quickly and he starts to get better….I’m happy to hear Sebastien is doing well enough to come home.

  4. tpowers@bellsouth.net says:

    He’s strong he wouldn’t have gotten this far otherwise. I’m praying for you and Scott that you keep fighting for him and for Sam to heal and grow.

  5. Thanks for posting the update. He is such a strong little boy. I love how he acknowledged you and started breathing–was the attempt to self-extubate a response to noticing your presence too? That is so interesting. You know they say the presence of the mother helps to regulate newborn’s bodily functions. Any chance since his lungs seem okay and the mucus caused by the CPAP is causing so much trouble, that they might hurry through CPAP this time to the nasal tube to avoid more incidents like this?

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