Surgery’s getting closer

We had our meeting today with Sam’s doctor. Sam’s still not getting feeds yet since they couldn’t get his feeding tube in where they wanted it. But he hasn’t bled anymore either. The GI docs say that he’s too small to insert a scope down him to see what’s going on; even if he was large enough, they wouldn’t be able to see anything, much less do anything.

The surgeon said that if she opens him up and finds that the issue is just a hematoma, she’ll immediately close him back up, that she can’t touch that. It’s scary though knowing that they have no idea what they’ll find, and they won’t know, until they go on. Reminds me of when I was pregnant and they’d say that about him then, that they didn’t know what type of condition he’d be in at birth.

The doctor wants to get another x-ray in the morning, and based on how it looks, maybe try small feeds again. He’s also ordering another doppler study so that they can determine if he does have a hematoma — they should be able to see something based on blood flow.

If they end up doing the surgery, it’ll likely happen next week. While they’re in there, they’ll also want to go ahead and insert a g-tube. If he does have a duplication cyst, they’ll remove it, he’ll heal, feeds will resume. If it’s a hematoma, we’ll have to wait till it heals on its own. I asked what would happen in the meantime if it takes forever to heal and reduce in size — no good answer to that.

The surgeon says he’s plenty big enough for surgery (even at his tiny 3lb 3oz size). It’s the combination of the high bilirubin levels and the bleeding that’s making us pursue the surgery since he may bleed more. His liver won’t get better without getting him feeding.

I just wish the poor baby could get a break.


4 thoughts on “Surgery’s getting closer

  1. Imelda says:

    Sam is the strong and resilient boy. He is really special. All of you have been through so much and I will pray that you guys can sustain the jostling of this roller coaster ride and have peace through all this. Big hugs for you guys.

  2. Paul says:

    I’ve hovered over the comment box so often as I’ve read your updates…not knowing what to write. Anyway, thinking about you all, and I’m going to go off and pray for Sam right now.

    • Paul, most of the time I wouldn’t know what to write either. Just knowing you’re there, thinking about us, praying for us, that’s all we need right now. Thanks so much!

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