Lack of updates

The recent lack of updates has really been because I haven’t known what to say. We’re still in a holding pattern. They couldn’t restart Sam’s feeds today because he started bleeding again last night, but they think it was from irritation from their trying to reinsert his feeding tube. After repeated attempts, they still couldn’t get it transpyloric. The neo doctors are now leaning towards doing surgery. We have our weekly meeting tomorrow; by then they’ll have talked to the surgeons and GI docs and then update us.

Sebastien’s been getting better with the bottle feeds. Last night Scott fed him and they both did great.


4 thoughts on “Lack of updates

  1. I remember the days well that I didn’t have much to say, by this time I am sure you are worn down. I know there were days I felt like I barely could make it. Keep going! You are doing great!

    (Amy, from the preemie board)

  2. says:

    I agree with Amy, sounds like you are a little worn down by all of the daily stress. Parenting is hard, no matter what. Hang in there, keep fighting for your boys, but do take some time to relieve your stress. You’re probably tensed up and don’t even realize it, I get that way sometimes and have to remind myself to relax and put it all in perspective. I’d love to hear when they start Sam’s feeds again, seems like forever and if that stresses me out I can’t imagine how you must feel. I know I’m a long way away and I’ve never had a child in the NICU but I’m here and I’m your friend, always. God bless.

  3. Here’s a third vote for you getting some stress relief. I wish there was something more I could do or say other than Sam is in my thoughts every day. I can only imagine how hard this must be for you and Scott.

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