Moving along

Today I went by the hospital around lunchtime to drop off milk for Sebastien — he ran out! While I was there, I met with his doctor briefly….things are moving along for him.

They’re scheduling his hearing tests, giving us the information for vaccines, signing us up for the hospital’s infant CPR class. The nurse told me to start car seat shopping.

None of this means that he’s coming out right now, there’s no date or anything, even the D-word hasn’t been mentioned. It just means we’re getting there. Sebastien still needs to be able to take all his feeds orally.

I’m very excited that he will get to come home soon, everyday we tell him “T-XX days!” Today is T-17 days (days till their original due date). The difficult part is trying to celebrate these achievements when the next bed over Samuel’s in such a different place.

Luckily no more blood has appeared in his replogle. His blood gas numbers are still wacky — the latest showed that his pH and BE are better, but the CO2 is also up. They won’t do another gas until the morning (a good sign — less pokes/prods for him, and also means they’re comfortable with where he’s currently at on CPAP). His feeds still haven’t resumed. His bili levels are the highest they’ve ever been (and this is with him being on Omegaven, which is supposed to help this).


One thought on “Moving along

  1. teamla says:

    In my experience, at the first talk of the D-word (even about making preparations), it actually happened about a week later. I know you must have a lot of mixed feelings with your other twin still needing a lot of care. Our first baby was home about 3 weeks before the other, and leaving his brother was very difficult. Let me know if you need any support. Best of luck!

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