That liver thief!

I’m so glad Sam’s original doctor is working on him yesterday and today. He’s taking a completely different approach with Sam. His regular, new doctor (for the next 4 weeks) will be back tomorrow, so hopefully he’ll follow the protocol being set up today.

Sam’s platelets are down again today, but his doctor doesn’t want to give him another transfusion (remember, he’s been getting a TON of transfusions lately). The doctor thinks the liver is stealing these platelets — which is then causing the liver to get bigger. Also, if they give him too many platelets, his body will start to produce anti-bodies to attack them since they’re a foreign body.

As we’re learning with the human body, there’s a fine balance for everything.

His platelets must remain at a certain level otherwise he’ll bleed too easily. Considering he’s just coming off of intestinal bleeding, it’s even more of a delicate balance.  They’re reducing what they’re considering an acceptable minimum platelet number, for him, that way he’ll get fewer transfusions.

The doctor believes his liver will recover and his platelet levels will return to normal quite suddenly, like what happened last time he was severely sick.

Sam will also start back on the momma juice again today (MINE!). Those ‘big guns’ of antibiotics worked. 🙂


2 thoughts on “That liver thief!

  1. Maureen says:

    is it possible to get this doc as sams primary doc? he just seems so much more willing to think outside the box with sam. and your little dude has proven over and over again that’s what he needs!

    • no, the doctors rotate every 4-5 weeks. so we won’t get him again for a long time, if ever. we have our weekly meeting with his current doctor in an hour. He met with the GI doctor this morning and they want to take action to reduce the pressure in his belly but they don’t think it’s safe right now with his platelet count so low. in the meantime he’s getting another abdominal u/s with doppler to better check his belly and liver. we’ll know soon what his plans are.

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