A bit confused still

So Samuel again is doing ok, but some things are still weird.

He’s doing great with his ventilator settings; the last time they were like this, he was put on CPAP. Of course right now, they’re not going to try that with everything else going on. He’s peeing well; he even pooped twice in the last day! Normally this should be an expected occurrence, but he hasn’t had any food in 10 days. What this means is that his intestines are moving again, finally moving everything that was in there before he got sick out. His latest x-rays also show gas in his belly — another great sign. He was on track to have his feeds restarted tomorrow. Today his doctor called us and said that wasn’t going to happen…

One of the remaining challenging issues is that his belly is still very swollen. They’re giving him medicine for something called gastric deacidation. Overnight his platelets dropped again — got another transfusion today. Since his platelets are still so low and his belly is so swollen, the surgeon and the GI doctors will come see him again tomorrow. He’s getting an abdominal sonogram and another echo to try to figure out what’s going on. No one really knows what’s going on with him, still in a wait and see pattern.

On the up side, the pulmonary hypertension doesn’t seem to be an issue any longer.

Tonight he pooped again, his belly is a bit smaller (could just be differences in measurements between nurses). We’re hopeful everything will be fine and he just needs to pee out more of the swelling.

Sebastien is back in his open crib. He’s down to 1.5 liters on the cannula, his feeds are getting more compressed. He’s getting 40mL over 2 hours now. He is also allowed to get 5mL in a bottle twice a day. The last couple of days he hasn’t been too interested in in, or if he was they had to stop because he started breathing too fast. Today he did better.

Yesterday I gave him a tub bath! Oh he’s so cute and loves his baths so far. After he got all nice and clean, last night he had an explosive poop! His nurse had to change his entire bedding. 🙂 That’s my boy!


One thought on “A bit confused still

  1. Imelda says:

    Ah explosive poops. Memories of changing a diaper poop all overt the bassinette and myself on 1 hour of sleep. Glad to hear Sam is having bowel movements and Seb is in an open air crib. Praying for the you and the boys.

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