Good and bad

Bad: he’s back in his isolette. He’s been cold all day so they have to be cautious and get him warmed up. He’ll have to be in it for at least 24 hours.

Good: he’s now able to try feeds by mouth twice a day. We put 5ml in a bottle and gave to him to see how he’d do. And he did great!!

Bad: he keeps having bradys. All the meds thy would cause his heart rate to slow have been stopped, but it keeps going between a normal rate and low rate. So when he’s upset and it’s already low, it really bottoms out. His breathing and o2 sats have remained steady. Dr today will talk to his doc tomorrow, might get him an EKG.

Good: his blood gases have been good. He’s peeing, he’s doing ok overall.

The Mama Juice:

Good: The final results came back. No growth! Sebastien will be switched over soon; Samuel will get it once he resumes feeds.


One thought on “Good and bad

  1. Glad to hear about the goods. Very glad to hear the NEC is in check (I haven’t checked in for a few days) Bradys suck – a lot – but it’s good to hear he is doing so well on the vent. And yay for clean milk!!! I went through the same thing when Andrew had his NEC scare, and I thought I was going to have to throw out a freezer full of frozen milk. I’m sure you are so happy your boys are going to be getting your milk again soon.

    Keep on keeping on – you’re doing great and so are your strong boys! (love the new pics!)

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