A bit better

Things are a bit better again. Yay!

Sam is rocking the vent these days. They haven’t put him back on auto mode yet simply because he’s still too drugged up. They’re weaning his pain meds. His blood numbers are beginning to trend in the right direction. I wouldn’t be surprised though it they don’t resume his feeds for up to two weeks though.

Fingers crossed, and Sebastien’s feeds will begin getting compressed on Friday. They’re going to start with a 2.5 hour compression and go from there. His doctor said that they may try a bit of po feeds. Yay! I worked with him a bit today on his exercises, holding up his head, arm extensions, etc.

The preliminary results came back from my last BM cuture. No growth! Hopefully by the end of the week Sebastien can start getting the momma juice again. And Sam too when he gets to eat again.


4 thoughts on “A bit better

  1. So glad to hear this! You all have been through so much, you deserve nothing but good news from here on out, I swear it. Sending positive thoughts that this trend continues!

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