More stable

Today we had a meeting with Sam’s doctor. Overnight he got a bit better.

Yesterday was scary because he hadn’t peed all day, so they were talking kidney failure, liver failure. Overnight they put in a catheter, got pee out, he also peed over the catheter. Today’s he’s peed over it as well. Never thought I’d be so happy to see pee!

His ventilator settings have also come down drastically. Yesterday his pressure was really high, his oxygen in the 60s. Today the pressure’s down, his oxygen is back in the 20s.

They’ve also been able to wean a bit of his pain medication.

His blood numbers are still wacky so they’re tweaking his TPN fluids, adding protein, potassium, etc.

There’s still no gas pattern in his belly, it’s still inflamed and not moving.

From here on out when doctors refer to him, he’ll always be the baby who had NEC at 8 weeks (in addition to the 350g baby). This will help ensure he’s handled with more caution when it comes to feeding.

Right now we just wait. I bluntly asked the doctor if he was in danger of imminent demise. Funny how I don’t have a problem using that term anymore–I’m so hardened to it now. No danger,  just wait it out, see if he gets better.

So we wait.


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