Think we might be dealing with NEC (necrotizing enterocolitis).

crap crap crap

The doctor says we’re lucky because if it is NEC, we’ve caught it extremely early. We’re lucky he got intubated last night when he was tired; we’re lucky he had the repogal in so we could see the blood. He’s not showing a ton of signs of NEC — his belly’s still very soft, he’s pooping fine, no signs of a perforated intestine. But the blood is worrisome.

He’s now on a lot of meds, most of his other things — feeds, Omegaven, etc — have all been stopped while they try to get this current situation under control.

The doctor did say, ‘between you and me, he looks really good for a baby who has NEC.’ That makes us hopeful, but right now we just have to wait.’

Update: 12:08p

Sam’s platelets have dropped to 16! He’s getting his second platelet transfusion in less than 12 hours. He got platelets and plasma overnight. He’s on a ton of medications right now. Also think they brought in a doctor from Johns Hopkins who specialized in GI issues??? Not sure all the details or what all is happening right now.

Update: 3:06p
Third platelet transfusion today, he’s burning through them. Countless meds. Next X-ray to check for perforation is at 4.


8 thoughts on “NEC??

  1. jamie says:

    Been following your story on FF since you were still pregnant. I log on here daily to see updates on S&S. Your family is always in my thoughts. I’m amazed at how far they have come and will be amazed as they continue to grow.

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