Donor milk

After the round of antibiotics, my milk came back clean. Two days later, same results from before — way too much staph in the milk.

For now both boys are getting formula.

Sam’s doctor though wants him on breast milk, so she put in a request for donor milk. Sam will be the 4th baby to get it at this hospital since they only use it for the babies who need it most, and because it’s expensive and the hospital absorbs the cost.

The hospital is getting their own pasteurization equipment in a couple of months though, so we’ll be able to clean mine, kill the bacteria. The milk from the milk bank has been pasteurized.

The doctors want me to continue pumping. I have another doctor’s appointment this week, so hopefully after another longer round of antibiotics I can wipe this out of my system and they can start using my milk again.

If they were full term babies none of this would be an issue, but they’re not. And since they already got sick once, the doctors are being very cautious.


4 thoughts on “Donor milk

  1. Imelda says:

    Pesky microbes. 😦 I am amazed how much more complicated it gets for preemies. Keep working at it. It is beneficial for the babies but it is also beneficial for you. For my first child, It was disheartening when I had to give formula since I was working so hard to provide the liquid gold. Having all the mommy hormones didn’t help either. But, All 3 kids ended up drinking both the breast milk and the formula. They grew and are still healthy which is what I learned truly matters. Keep persevering.

    • You have no idea! Everything is more complicated and tricky. For the first two years everything will be complicated.

      As long as the doctors are encouraging me to keep trying, and knowing that eventually they’ll get the milk and/or it will be pasteurized, I’ll keep at it. I always assumed they’d get a combo of milk/formula simply because it might be difficult to produce enough for two boys.

      • Is the donor milk from a mom with preemies? Or is it later in development? How does that work? How closely can they match it with their age? Just curious. What a shame that they don’t have pasteurization equipment yet. But it’s good to know that they will have it soon.

      • It’s from here: I’m not sure about the details, but I have read that milk changes over time. Even if the milk isn’t from a preemie mom, the NICU doctors prefer it over formula right now because they’re hyper-sensitive about Samuel’s gut. Studies show that preemies with donor milk have a lesser chance of developing NEC that those on formula. Sebastien’s doing fine on formula, but Sam’s just a bit more complicated.

        I want to talk to the doctor today/tomorrow about pumping while on the next round of antibiotics. If I can test again after just a day or two on the drugs, and it came back clean, I’d assume at very least ALL the milk pumped while on the drugs will come back clean. If so, maybe i can super pump while on the meds and that milk can be used. And then retest periodically afterwards to make sure it’s still clean.

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