A great day

Rarely will we use that description…


Sebastien’s picc line it out, which means….CLOTHES! He finally gets to wear clothes. Momma wants to go shopping!


He’s in an open air crib!

Samuel is also having a “great day” to quote his nurse. His vent is now on auto mode. He’s taking about 80-90% of his own breaths. Doctors finally realized his wacky blood numbers were a metabolic issue not a lung issue. Everything about Sam today is great.

Waiting on final results, but fingers crossed the boys will be getting the momma juice again.

Oh, and it’s a beautiful, clear, 60 degrees out here at the cabin.

A GREAT day!


Update: 11:46PM

Sebastien had a couple nasty desats, down to the 20s. He also got cold, so he’s back in the isolette. Bummer. But he did look cute in his preemie outfit!

Samuel’s still doing great.


5 thoughts on “A great day

  1. Rebecca from FF says:

    Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! Hope you are breathing deeply in that mountain air. Keep getting stronger, little guys!

  2. At least you got him into the outfit for a while–and you know this is progress–it’s like he checked out the next hurdle before he totally clearing it–I’m sure he’ll be back!

    Glad Samuel is having such a good day too! Awesome! Can we get some weight updates also?

  3. Mom says:

    I can’t wait to see Sebastien in clothes. I wish you had put the pictures in so I could take it to church today. Everyone loves to see the pictures of Sebastien and Samuel.

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