6 weeks


5 thoughts on “6 weeks

    • Thanks Imelda! BTW, I got retested for staph, and it’s decreased by half. Will find out tomorrow if that’s acceptable or not. Might try another round of antibiotics if I can get them. Also got a manual pump, and wow, it’s seems more effective than the electric pump. I think it’s the pull, I can hold it longer, and I seem to get half my expressed amount in about 5 minutes.

      • Imelda says:

        Good deal about the staph infection. Hope you can beat it. That is not fun. What kind of pump are you using? My medela was awesome and the industrial medela the hospitals rent is even better. Manual is good to flush the breast though it is just really tedious if you are doing it all th time. Scott should have my number if you need any more info on stuff. Looks like you guys are doing awesome to date.

  1. That’s really weird about manual pumping…I did both, and my Medela Pump-in-Style is about 10,000x faster than pumping manually–I can get about 10 oz in 5 minutes if I’m well hydrated. What kind of pump are you using? Have you tried alternating between the initiate let-down and regular pumping speeds to initiate faster expression once it slows? And does your hospital pump start at the faster speed? It’s really important to turn off the faster speed once you get the let down and put it on the regular–more milk comes out faster. But then when that slows, important to hit the button again. This is what babies do instinctively at the breast–suck harder and faster when the expression slows and then lazily just let the milk come out with gentle suckling once the let down comes

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