Next hurdles

According to us, not the doctors.


Get off the CPAP! (hoping to have him start weaning down off the CPAP so he can move to the nasal cannula)

Get back to full feeds and have them grouped, rather than continuous (his feeding tube will need to be pulled up so that food goes into his stomach first rather than directly into his intestines. then his feeds will be grouped to X amount every X hours)

Work on his nippling reflex (needs to be able to suck, swallow, and breathe at the same time. the physical therapist saw him yesterday and said he’s doing well, just needs to get a bit stronger)

Keep up his body temperature (won’t be able to come out of the isolette until he can maintain a consistent temperature)



Get off the vent!!! (this will be a big one as he still has ups and downs on the ventilator, but hopefully he can start to maintain consistent O2 sats and can move to the CPAP)

Continue fighting off infection

Resume gas pattern in his bowels (Right now there is none, hopefully just from the infection, so once it goes away the inflammation will go away too (really hope it’s not the start of NEC). He won’t be able to get feeds until his intestines show they’re healthy again)

Keep gaining weight and growing


One thought on “Next hurdles

  1. Imelda says:

    Awesome game plan, keep fighting for your boys. I know you are speaking words of encouragement to them on a daily basis which strengthens their body and soul.

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