Surgery day

If Sam’s going to have surgery, I’m glad this is what he’s getting. It’s fairly low risk; it prepares us for the idea of him having to need surgery.

Normally I wouldn’t be nervous, except that he had a rough night. He was given a bath in preparation — baths exhaust preemies. So he was on 100% oxygen for a few hours (we hate when this happens for long periods because we worry about it causing blindness), he also had to be bagged a few times.

I want the poor kid to have a break! Seriously, how much more can his body take before it completely gives out?

Doing the surgery though will ensure that he won’t need more PICC lines soon, won’t need as many pokes. I just really wanted him to have a peaceful night of sleep before today. In addition to the surgery, he’s getting his first eye exam to check for ROP. They’re scheduling this to happen right after the surgery so that he will still be sedated. The eye exam is quite stressful, and for him in his current state, I don’t even want to think about it. Would you want your pupils dilated and held open with prongs? Sebastien won’t be sedated for his, but he’ll be able to pull through it without sedation.

We’ll be getting a call around 9 from the surgeons to give consent. I’ll be at the hospital when they’re done and when I can go see him. He’ll probably just be sleeping, but at least I can read to him, provide some soothing attention.


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