The highest highs and lowest lows

Ah, the wonderful roller coaster. The peaks and valleys.

Unfortunately this will be a short update. It’s been an exhausting week.

We discovered one of the microbes that was in Samuel’s saliva and possibly on his breathing tube:¬†klebsiella. The doctors pulled out Sam’s old tube and re-intubated him. He’s better in some ways. His puffiness comes and goes depending on how often they’re putting fluids into him. His CRP numbers are better, from their highest at over 20, to now around 5 (still considered high); overall his blood numbers are still out of whack. He can’t seem to keep platelets, he’s just churning through them like crazy — he’s getting transfusions pretty much daily. He’s getting additional protein to help absorb some of the fluids, then getting diuretics to help with peeing it out.

This morning was a good day for Samuel: Scott got to help with his bath, even got to hold him while the nurse changed his bedding. He was more alert than he’s been all week. Afterwards, he had a busy/rough day: with the new tube insertion, he had to be bagged and get chest compressions for a while to help him breathe. When I saw him, he was swollen again, not moving much, not opening his eyes; of course he was exhausted.

Sebastien’s getting better. He’s probably 90% his old self now. He’s definitely not as feisty as usual, but he’s returning.

My ‘clean catch’ of breast milk has now tested positive for staph. WTH — shouldn’t I be sick?!!! I’m calling my doctor on Monday to try to get antibiotics.


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