One word: mastitis


7 thoughts on “Ouch

      • Ugh! That sounds horrific. I think Imelda is right from what I’ve read–pump more often. That may be why I haven’t gotten it–Alice was eating every hour when she came out and it’s not that much more infrequent now–every 2.5 hours during the day and 3-4 at night. The extra milk production and expression is supposed to be super painful at first but also help get rid of the infection. Anytime I had a pain in one of my breasts (not nipple issues but pain inside the breast itself) as I fed Alice, I always tried to put her on that one more often because I read you can help stop an infection before it starts that way. Don’t quote me on this, but I think I read that in THE MOTHERLY ART OF BREASTFEEDING (a La Leche League publication). That book had lots of tips about that sort of thing if you’re looking for info on how to try to prevent it.

  1. Imelda says:

    Lots of warm compresses and shower also pump more often to try and clear the blocked ducts. Hope it clears for you. I had it happen a couple times with all three kids.

    • Imelda, I was doing that all day but it kept getting worse and worse. I’m taking antibiotics now, so hopefully it’ll clear up and clear up my milk so the boys can start getting it again.

      • Imelda says:

        Yes sometimes it overwhelms. The antibiotics help the infection but you still need toclear the clogged duct. Also i forgot to tell you, Drink lots of water and continue your perenatal vitamins too. When you are pumping it is an added strain on what your body needs normally without pumping plus trying to heal from the surgery.

  2. DK says:

    FF friend here. You poor thing. It is so painful. Imelda is right that you need to keep clearing out the milk and while you do that, do breast compressions. This helps to “push” the milk out and provides a lot of relief. It did for me. But, keep warmth on the breast, take the antibiotics and try to rest as much as possible. You’re under a lot of stress, so I’m not surprised you got mastitis, but it will clear up and your milk will be perfect for your boys again. Hoping the boys are doing better today.

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