Spinal part 2

It didn’t work. The doctor wasn’t successful getting the needle inserted, neither was the nurse practitioner. So we don’t know anything. They’re going to wait a couple of days and see if Sam gets better, then do another X-ray on his head to see if the tissue around his brain is still swollen. If so they’ll treat him as if he has meningitis.

It’s hard and frustrating because we want to know if his brain has been affected. We have to just wait.


5 thoughts on “Spinal part 2

  1. What a scary few days. I hope that Sebastian doesn’t have meningitis, and glad that Samual is doing better. My son got an infection a few days before discharge (and bought himself another 3 weeks in the NICU). It was crazy/scary how quickly he went from fine to very sick…and he was about 7.5 pounds at that point. I can only imagine how hard your boys are fighting still being so small and young. I’m glad they are fighters!

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