Three weeks old

Our boys are three weeks old today!

Sebastien’s still on cruise control. The only real updates we get on him are about his spells and his feeds. The spells are decreasing, the feeds are increasing significantly. He’s also now getting human milk fortifier added to his breast milk. HMF milk is 24 calories, rather than the 20-calorie breast milk. HMF adds calories, protein, vitamins and minerals to breast milk. We’re hoping he’ll soon start getting more and more weaned from the CPAP so he can move to the nasal cannula.

Samuel will start Omegaven tonight. We’re excited about this, hoping to see great results soon. His feeds are also slowly increasing as well. His oscillator settings have been slowly getting decreased…hoping he’ll move to a traditional vent soon. He’s also slowly and steadily gaining weight.


2 thoughts on “Three weeks old

  1. Does your NICU offer prolacta? It’s human milk fortifier made with human milk. 🙂 wren tolerated it much easier than the formula.

    It’s such a rollercoaster- but they’re just moving right along. What little cuties!

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