Two weeks

The boys are two weeks old!!

Samuel successfully got his picc line today. His insulin is down to 0.1, his feeds are up to 0.2. For now he’s tolerating the breast milk in the small doses, and hrs otherwise very stable. Still have to watch his heart, thinking the PDA is causing his blood to be acidotic.

Sebastien is still chugging along. I get to do kangaroo care most days with him.


One thought on “Two weeks

  1. Louisa says:

    Oh your boys are BEAUTIFUL! I came across your blog link on FF, my sister is currently 28 weeks pregnant with identical twin boys. They thought she had TTTS but she has SIUGR, there is about 18% size difference between them, but Noah is having problems with his heart, so her story is very similar to yours.

    Sending lots of healthy growing vibes from the UK for your little ones


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