I’m not getting my hopes up yet because it’s only been a couple days, but so far, Samuel hasn’t had any issues with the feeds. The last x-ray showed some gas starting in his intestines….so far a good sign since before there wasn’t anything there as he hadn’t had any food in his intestines. The nurses/doctors will be watching for many signs: distended belly, discolored belly, hard belly, gas outside of his intestines, spit-up, etc. Any one of these could be the beginnings of an issue, primarily NEC (something we do NOT want to happen of course). Sebastien’s belly is starting to measure bigger, but his belly is still nice and soft. As of last night, he was getting 2 CCs of breast milk/hour.

Samuel had another head sonogram. I’ll have to verify, but if I remember correctly, the bleed on his right is getting smaller. Yea!

His heart is still an issue….I’m just praying all his holes (his Swiss cheese heart!) start to close as he gets bigger. Grow Scrappy grow, please grow. He’s still measuring about a pound, so he hasn’t gained too much weight yet….I’m hoping that will start to change.

Tomorrow will be their two-week birthday. 🙂 Amazing!

What that means for Samuel is that they’ll have to pull out his umbilical venous catheter and insert a traditional PICC line (peripherally inserted central catheter). This PICC line is more permanent for him — the UVC has already been left in a lot longer than doctors like to leave them in — 14 days is the max — because they’re more prone to infections. Poor guy, if they put it in his right leg, he won’t be able to move either one of his legs since there’s already something (can’t remember right now) in his left leg.

Samuel also seemed a lot more comfortable yesterday; he wasn’t grabbing at his throat as much so I’m hoping that meant he’s gotten more comfortable with the new feeding tube. He always tell him to try to relax and rest — resting and sleeping mean growing. For such a little guy, he’s quite expressive. He has my forehead for sure, the big 4 finger forehead. So he’s always raising his eyebrows, wrinkling his forehead. For a tiny man who can’t lift his head yet, can’t do much of anything yet, just watching his face is a pleasure. His eyes, even though they probably can’t focus much yet, follow our voices quite a bit as well. Speaking of eyes, he and Sebastien should be getting their first eye check next week, at 30 weeks.

I feel so guilty always focusing on Samuel, but that’s just because Sebastien is doing great. He’s chugging along, no issues, no real concerns so far. Momma did make him cry the other day though. I was trying to change his diaper, and he had meconium-type poop glued to his butt. Poor guy — I was trying to gently scrap it off, but it just wouldn’t budge. And since his skin is still quite sensitive, I couldn’t rub hard. Oh, but I do so love his cry.


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