The boys are incredible

“They’re awesome little guys.”

And they really are.

Sebastien hasn’t regained the weight he’s lost yet, but he’s doing so well. He got his PICC line the other day; his O2 mixture has been between 21-24; he hasn’t really had any issues whatsoever. He does sometime have spells of bradys and apneas, but we’re told they’re perfectly normal. The biggest news with Sebastien is that I got to hold him today. He’s so tiny!!! His entire back fits inside the width of my palm. His whole body curled up inside my hands. That hour was one of the best of my life! Not to mention the little bit of nap I got…

Samuel is still our fighting Scrappy! His O2 levels are in the lower 30s; he’s getting his PICC line soon. He’s still on an oscillator, and he’ll probably be on it for a while since it’s gentler on his lungs. The next biggest concern we face with Samuel deals with his belly — it’s so young, can he handle feeds yet?

Scott and I are still working on the delivery day story….we were talking about it today, trying to figure out/remember some of the details. Parts of the story is coming back, the gaps are filling in.

I’m doing well. I’ve only been taking the percocet a few times a day: today I’ve taken it once at 8am, took some ibuprofen around 4pm. I’m up, walking around, pretty much normal, except for the moving slower part, not driving, etc. Pumping is going really well! I have alarms on my phone going off all day….and so far last night, I woke up right before each alarm went off — it’s like my body is learning and just being ready. I have my evening alarms set at midnight, 4am, and 8am….so that I can get at least 2 good chunks of sleep. I take a nap when I’m still at home between 10 and 11, then I get ready to go to the hospital. For the next two weeks, until I can drive, I’m taking a cab to the hospital around 1, staying till Scott gets there around 6:30. Since they close during shift change from 6:30-7:30, we go eat dinner, then go back till about 9pm.

I can’t wait till Scott can hold Sebastien! Tonight he changed his diaper, did the hands-on care. We still aren’t doing much with Samuel — I’ve done his temperature a couple times, but that’s it so far. But it doesn’t matter — I’m treasuring every moment.


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