1 week old!

The boys are one week old today!

Both got their bili lights removed, which means we’ll be able to see their eyes. Of course the lights can come back, but small victories, they’re gone for now.

Sebastien is now getting .8 cc of feeds per hour, still bypassing his belly since the cpap us putting too much air in the belly. He will start on breast milk tomorrow. The hospital had a policy that all milk has to be in their deep freezer for 3 days before they’ll use it.

Sebastien got a heart echo today. He does have an open PDA. They want to take the wait and see approach and not just go in to close it. New research shows closing it can be more harmful than not, and it still may close in its own. If by 6 months it’s not, the procedure they’d do to close it Wouk be less stressful and difficult than what they’d do now.

Samuel will start his BM feeds tomorrow as well. The biggest concern we have for him right now is his belly. Can it handle food? Everything will be bypassed for now. Also since he’s tiny, so high risk, they haven’t been giving him any “feeds” up till now since they only want to give him BM. He hasn’t gotten his picc line yet… Doctors are too nervous that it won’t fit yet, and they dont want to remove his other lines just to redo them. Makes sense b/c I dont want him to have any unnecessary procedures.

In a bit I’ll go do sebastien’s hands-on care then kangaroo hold him for a while. Meanwhile I like to just read to Samuel while he sleeps.


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