Picture post

I have so much to write about, so much to update, but it’s coming. For now, meet our Scooby and Scrappy!

Sebastien Richard: 2lb 1 oz

Samuel Bradford: 12oz

Until I can finish the full birth story and everything else that happened, enjoy the pictures!!!!


2 thoughts on “Picture post

  1. I have sat here and read every post. You must be so very proud of your boys. That Sam, well, being a NICU nurse I can totally understand everything you describe. That kid cracks me up!! Such a strong little personality. I know he gave it his all, and fought harder and longer than any little guy would have fought. So much against him yet he gave the world the bird & winked. Amazing little baby. He will be remembered. You would be surprised at all the lives he has touched in his short time on earth.

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