Latest appointment

Today was a bit odd.

The scan went fine — the tech, who we’ve seen pretty much every visit, said she didn’t see any changes from my normal. Scobby’s at almost 2 pounds now, Scrappy’s at 14 oz.

We then spent a long time with Dr. Specialist1– almost two hours actually. We first talked about everything that happened last week, what he thought I should expect in the next few weeks, etc. He felt that since nothing has changed, I could possibly make it to 30-32 weeks, but that I should definitely not be allowed to go past 32. I’ve been mostly stable for 10 weeks now, so things could remain the same. The challenge is catching the imminent degeneration before it gets serious. It’s going to happen at some point; the placental share for Scrappy won’t be able to sustain him and he’ll begin suffering. That’s just the way it goes, and it’s pretty much expected. So far we’ve been at a place where we could predict any changes for the worse, but the farther along I get, things could change at any point. But he kept mentioning getting to 30-32 weeks. Then he decided he wanted to scan me himself.

After that, his opinion radically changed! He thinks I should be delivered at 28 weeks, that there’s no way I can go further. Nothing changed, but something about what he saw just gave him a hunch. He’s got 20 years of experience with this, so what he’s basing this on is purely experience in these matters. He’s worried about the umbilical cord: said one of the arteries has intermittent absent flow, the other is reversal. Usually the better scenario is reported. I never realized this, but it makes sense why sometimes scans showed absent, some showed reversal — I’m dealing with both!

He left us to go call Dr. DeptHead at the local hospital and talk about my case. We told him that we wanted to make sure he was involved in any decisions, even though he wouldn’t be the one doing the delivery. I just trust him since he’s been there from 16w.

When he came back we came up with a ballpark plan: my next appointment in Fairfax is Thursday. He thinks I shouldn’t be seen any less than 3 times a week, but he’s worried about the weekend. Unfortunately the only way I’ll get scanned over the weekend is to be admitted. I hate the idea of going back into the hospital, but I also have to think about the boys. If this is the only way for everyone to feel good, then maybe it’s for the best?

For now, we’ll see what happens on Thursday, but I’m going to assume they’ll readmit me. (I do have an appointment scheduled with Dr Specialist1 for Monday, but who knows if we’ll make it) This time, I’ll be more ok with being back in the hospital, though still not happy. I’m not happy about returning to bedrest, but this time, I’m not sticking to bed!!! I’ll do yoga (will help keep me calm, keep up blood flow), going to do my work from the recliner, pace, basically be as active as possible in my room.

But I’m mostly worried that the doctors here won’t let me even get to 28 weeks — next Thursday. We plan on telling the docs at the local hospital that no matter what, we want Dr. Specialist1 called for his opinion. I technically could remain stable for another week or two, but Dr. Specialist1 now doesn’t feel comfortable without more constant monitoring.

So my fingers are crossed….get to next Thursday, 28 weeks, Scrappy should measure a pound, Scooby will be about 2.5 pounds.
We could be parents next week. Still trying to process this! I’m not overly happy, not excited — knowing the roller coaster won’t be over, in fact is only beginning, is too much on my mind. Every day we can keep him in counts. Yes it’s great that Scrappy will have made it that far, but he’s got a LONG road ahead of him. Once he’s born, it’ll truly be his fight.

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