First day of hospital bedrest

My day started yesterday really when I was admited. Very happy to have a private room! Scott brought me most of the things I had previously planned for and packed, but once I started unpacking I quickly realized what I really needed and what I didn’t. When he left, he had an initial list of things to buy/pack. I knew I’d come up with more once I truly got settled for the night, took a shower, etc.

I won’t lie, the night didn’t go well. Tough to sleep: new sounds, new environment, uncomfortable, too few pillows. Finally at 1:35am, I gave in and asked the nurse for Ambian. Tears came a few times, mostly because I was thinking about Scott and Bruno, wishing I were home with them. We did a video chat before bed with Bruno. Poor guy didn’t understand where his mommy was, kept running around the condo, licked the computer screen a few times, very frantic while looking for me. I can’t wait to see him again as part of pet therapy.

Around 6:30ish I woke up the first time (after waking up around 5ish to pee in a ‘hat’ and get weighed), a resident woke me up to ask how I was feeling: sleepy. I’ve heard these people are annoying with their questions, and I’m sure I’ll soon agree if they’re just asking the same thing each time: how are you feeling, any contractions, any pain, any bleeding? Fine, no, no, no.

Around 7:30, I was sent for my first sonogram. Now people who know me understand this is a godawful early time for me to be up and cognizant. But there I was. The u/s was actually exciting since the boys were quite active! They didn’t do any measurements, just checked dopplers, fluids, movements. I hadn’t yet seen the movement/breathing checks, but basically they’re looking for breathing episodes of 15 seconds within a specified timespan or a solid breathing episode of 30 seconds. Scooby passed this with flying colors. The tech seemed quite pleased with him based on this age/size. Scrappy had the hiccups, a precursor to breathing, a few breaths, but none in the measurable time yet.

We got a great picture of Scooby patting Scrappy on the head. In the pic below, you’ll see Scooby’s full body, his hand extended resting on the top of Scrappy’s head.

When I got back to the room, my breakfast had arrived — yea, starving! But the nurse told me I couldn’t eat yet since she needed to do the NST. Um, we aren’t doing those….but she gets me strapped up, the sonogram tech comes back says she needs to do more u/s scans. So back I go. We’re there again, she’s looking at the same dopplers and breathing patterns.

Time goes by, more vital signs from me. Lunch. Working. Tried to nap, didn’t happen.

4:30ish and time for another ultrasound. Not sure how common it is for women in HRP to get monitored twice daily, but those are my orders for now. The woman this evening wasn’t as chatty, as emotionally positive, but she was fine. She didn’t check for dopplers, just fluids and breathing/movement. I did ask when the next time measurements will be taken: 3 weeks. 3 weeks!!!! Not sure how we’ll know how much Scrappy is growing, but we’re used to getting those measurements and have come to rely on them for our own sanity, to know that he’s doing well, growing more than originally expected, etc.

Speaking of measurements, quick side note….since I’m now inpatient, I can’t get copies of the reports anymore. But my nurse this afternoon looked up the report from yesterday, before being admitted, and brought me back the missing numbers Scott didn’t get a chance to take down. Scooby’s abdominal circumference went down — weird. So either Baltimore was really high, or Fairfax was really low. There’s no way to tell of course. One reason growth measurements are only done every few weeks is b/c sometimes the growth is so tiny that any change would still be within the margin of error and not really tell us anything. Over the last week, Scooby’s growth did slow down a bit compared to before, so that’s another reason we want to keep getting those numbers.

The u/s this afternoon was pretty much similar to this mornings. The tech spent most of the time watching Scrappy’s movement and breathing. He would breathe….just not enough for what they’re looking for.

So I’m assuming this will be a typical day for me from here till who knows when. Scott thinks I’ll have these babies in the next 2.5 weeks. I’m holding out for 4 weeks, but we really just don’t know. I do hope that the doctors won’t make any rash decisions — they shouldn’t — because every single day is so important, we need them baking as long as possible. Need them. I’ll write later about the visit with the neonatologists, etc.


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