Daily happenings

As usual, my day started around 4:30 with a pee-in and weigh-in. 🙂

It was lovely to have slept. Lovely. I immediately crash again, only to wake up around 6, thinking it was 7 and my ultrasound would start soon. The next hour was a cycle of drifting off and waking up.

Scott came this morning so he could attend the morning ultrasound with my favorite tech so far: Sharon. Many times overly effusive bubbly people irk me, but she’s exactly who and what I need first thing in the morning. The babies are stable: Scooby’s breathing just fine but Scrappy didn’t want to do much this morning. He would take breaths, just not measurable ones (again, looking for 2 15-second spurts within 3o seconds or one long 30-second spurt). Sharon didn’t feel that he was doing badly though, especially with the amount of movement he has going on.

We got to meet Dr. Nies afterwards. She’s everything I was told: warm, compassionate. She stayed with us a good while, answered all our questions, made me feel much better. One of the main things we wanted to know: why am I here? Based on everything we’ve tracked ourselves, we haven’t seen anything on the ultrasounds that was cause for concern, nothing really changed. She agreed. Based on the babies gestational age though, because they’re now both viable, they feel it’s best for the daily monitoring.  Especially since something could happen to Scrappy at anytime now.

I get 2 ultrasounds a day — no one else on this floor gets this! At first it’s scary — why am I being singled out? — but then, I’m glad for the monitoring, glad we’ll know what’s happening. And this way, since it’s twice a day, if something does start to change, we’ll have a lot more data points to look at. We also asked her about the growth scans….we like getting them for our own purposes. She said in my case we could get them ‘unofficially’ every week. Awesome! We do realize that doing them this often can be counter-intuitive due to margin of error, but she promised to talk to Sharon and have her do them b/c with her, we’d get the ‘smallest possible’ margin error.

We then talked to her about the ‘treatment’ I’ve been doing based on Baltimore’s guidance and Dr. Julian De Lia’s guidance. So I’m going back on the baby aspirin and Ensure drinks will now be delivered to me daily, in addition to other protein supplements, a powder, that I can add to my food. Baby aspirin is the only thing that’s really been studied and shown to help with IUGR cases with absent end diastolic blood flow, so why wouldn’t I want to keep taking it?

The most exciting thing is that she’s putting in the paperwork for pet therapy. Bruno should be able to come visit this weekend, and I’m thrilled. Jamie, one of my nurses, got everything started today — someone should be coming by for the specs we need to follow. I also said I wanted to participate with other dogs in the program, so I think I’ll be able to interact and play with other dogs as well. I joked about Princess and how she probably couldn’t come, but Jamie said they’ve had HUGE dogs, like Great Dane huge, come visit. It would be fun to have her here, maybe just once or twice. She’s just so big, she’s not really going to sit still and relax me. Now if only I can get Bruno therapy for Scooby and Scrappy when they’re born….

One of the pleasing things I learned today: there’s all kinds of food on this hallway.  Dr. Nies put in a request to have snacks delivered to me, so the dietician came by, and I’ll start getting snacks automatically delivered. Most of these are the same as what’s on the menu, but now I won’t have to think about ordering them. The only downside is that only what’s in the system gets delivered…but after a few days of one type of snack, I can change it and get something else. There’s nothing much else to do in here besides eat….it’s how I pass the time, so might as well take up every eating opportunity. Speaking of which….it’s snack time now. Fresh pear!

My only real complaint for the day is the wireless internet. While it’s AWESOME it’s here, sometimes it’s slow, and today for a solid hour and a half, I couldn’t get on it at all to work. So I took a nap. That also means that I’m having trouble streaming movies/tv shows online. Tried it last  night, but after 20 minutes of buffering the entire 22 min episode, after about 10 minutes of playing it stopped, rebuffered the entire thing at a slower speed. So I gave up.


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