Today was my 25w4d appointment in Fairfax. I knew at anytime they could tell me that I was staying. I just never quite expected it so soon.

Scrappy grew more! He’s still on target to be at a pound by 28 weeks. Today his dopplers looked good — we didn’t even seen absent flow. So why am I now in the high risk pregnancy (HRP) unit???

We met Dr. Khoury for the first time today. The first thing he said after shaking my hand was that I wasn’t going anywhere. Um, ok. He’s concerned about Scrappy’s heart — it was elevated, more than usual, the blood pressure in his cord was getting high/restricted. The goal right now is to keep me pregnant as long as possible — duh. My days now will consist of LOTS of monitoring and testing: ultrasounds, non-stress tests, doppler readings, etc.

I’m in a private room at Inova Fairfax. It’s nice! Every nurse, every doctor I’ve met so far has been really, just, nice. There’s a full menu of food for me to order from all day. The room is spacious. Please come visit!

Scott’s going to print out some pictures, bring flowers and stuff to make it more homey and comfy. Bruno will get to come visit me this weekend!!!!


One thought on “Admitted

  1. I am keeping you and the boys in my thoughts. Wish I could come visit. Now all you have to do is relax and let the doctors take care of you… of course if you’re anything like me letting people do for you is actually kind of difficult! But now is the time to try to enjoy it. Take care!

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