24 weeks

Today was Fairfax. Both babies have grown.

Dr. Bronsky seemed a bit kinder today — maybe because Scott was with me? He didn’t talk about death this time…just about planning for the early delivery, that we needed to be ready in case it had to happen really soon and little Baby B wasn’t ready. Also, an early delivery puts Baby A at risk. Since he’s had a normal, non-complicated pregnancy so far, delivering him early will be more difficult for him. He hasn’t had to struggle and fight like Baby B has.

According to something we read [find source], babies who struggle do actually develop a bit faster. There’s a hormone released that helps their lungs develop, helps them mature. I can only hope that happens with ours and that even though he’ll be tiny, he’ll come out with fist swinging.

Dr B did get a somewhat death stare from me. I’ve gained 30 pounds so far, but about 10 of those did happen in the last two weeks (thanks Christmas eating). He suggested I go see a dietician. What’s frustrating about this is that I’ve been eating like crazy on purpose; I’ve been trying to gain as much weight as I can. These boys aren’t getting any nutrition except what I’m giving them, so I’m going to give them all I can.

He also suggested we call the NICU and schedule a meeting with the neonatalogists so they can walk us through what to expect with each week of gestational delivery. This is a good idea…but I’m also not looking forward to it. They’ll probably spend the majority of the time discussing everything bad, the statistics, etc. I’m not making the appointment yet…want to see what Baltimore says, what happens next week.

Finally we brought up the steroid injections–these are to help the babies lungs mature in case of early delivery. Now why did we have to bring them up?!?!!? But he agreed, and we’ll get the first one next week.


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