Post holidays

Back to Baltimore. And we have growth!! [insert numbers]. We didn’t get to see any doctors today, but both babies are still growing at their own rates. And Baby B is fighting like a champ!!!

On the way up there, we almost had an accident. I was driving (not the reason!!!), and all of a sudden traffic came to a slamming halt. I swerved, did a back and forth maneuver to make sure everyone behind me knew something was happening ahead and to STOP, please don’t hit me. Glad I did–a suburban two cards behind me went up on the median and would have hit the car in front of him …. the car behind me, which would probably have hit me. Needless to say, my heart was a-pounding.

Maybe because of the adrenaline??? But little Baby B was more active than we’ve ever seen him. I loved it :). He was actually stretching and kicking his legs out. We’ve only ever really seen him in his tight fetal ball, boxer pose with his fists. His constant movements make the technicans jobs more difficult, but I don’t care, I want to see him fight, move, squirm.


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